Dove Cameron's Debut Album Is An 'Emotional Spring Cleaning'

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The first half of Dove Cameron's debut album Alchemical has arrived! On Friday, December 1st, the "Boyfriend" singer dropped Alchemical, Vol. 1, which explores the hardships she's faced including the death of two close friends and her father.

While discussing the emotional first half of her debut album, Dove described the process of writing the project to People as an "emotional spring cleaning."

"This year was a really interesting experience for me because it was almost like I doubled back. Some of these songs are about things that happened 10 years ago," Cameron shared. "Some of these songs are things that I've never been able to write about. I finally felt like if I didn't write about them, I was going to carry them forward with me. “God's Game,” “Fragile Things,” “Sand,” “Still,” these more melancholic tracks, they're more focused on who I have been previously before “Boyfriend” and “Breakfast” and “We Go Down [Together],” and that was a really interesting exercise."

She continued, "I reached this place, and I think this happens to most people in their twenties, where you have to take stock of all of the things you ignored and revisit, reorient and reorganize them, almost like an emotional spring-cleaning. I had to go into the attic of all of the stuff I hadn't dealt with and go through them and look at them and put it down on paper. It was really, really good for me as a human being."

Listen to Alchemical: Vol. 1 on iHeartRadio!

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