Dua Lipa Shares New Lyrics To 'Houdini' On Extended Edit

Photo: Getty Images

Dua Lipa can't get enough of "Houdini," just like her fans! On Friday, December 1st, the singer shared an extended edit of her latest single taking it from 3 minutes to nearly 6 minutes. "Houdini Extended Edit is OUT NOW and its 5 mins and 54 seconds of pure filth!!!!!! 🎧💿🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 check itttttttt," Lipa wrote in her announcment post. She also shared some new behind-the-scenes photos taken during the filming of the "Houdini" music video as well as new photos and videos in the recording studio.

The new extended edit also features a new section of lyrics. Between the second verse and chorus, Dua sings, "Weave the ceilin' from tomorrow/ Free the people from daylight/ All the plans go out the window/ When we're out this late at night."

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the start of Dua's new musical era since she confirmed in an interview that her third studio album will be released sometime in 2024. Lipa also shared that this record will have a different sound although she's committed to keeping it pop, "lest her 'fans have a meltdown,'' she was quoted saying in the story. She also added that she doesn't want to "alienate" her fans but her new sound will see her move away from disco and embrace the sounds of "1970s-era psychedelia."

Dua has yet to share any more details on the new album but when it's released it will follow 2020's Future Nostalgia and 2017's Dua Lipa.

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